Firefly Inspired Hat

Hello my nerdy knitters and crochet geeks! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for so long, but if you’re in your 20’s like I am, you understand that adult life can sometimes take president over your passions and hobbies.

But fear not, I am back with another nerdy pattern, and this time it’s dedicated to the knitters out there. The pattern probably could work with crochet too if you’re not accustomed to two needles, but for a more accurate version of this piece knitting would work best.

Today’s pattern is dedicated to the short-lived, but not long remembered show, Firefly. I didn’t even know what this show was for the longest time, but I heard it referenced many times throughout my nerdy group of friends growing up. Finally, 17 years later my boyfriend finally convinced me to watch it. And boy, was I hooked!

As we watched the series, we eventually got to the episode where the character Jayne Cobb gets sent a care package from home. Among these items is Jayne’s iconic red, orange, and yellow hat.

I was surprised to realize I had seen that hat so many times growing up! Even one of my high school friends wore that hat every time I saw him at a FIRST Robotics competition (I know, I’m a total nerd), but I didn’t have a clue what it was from.

With my new love for Jayne and Firefly, I wanted to pull out the knitting needles and make one of those hats for myself. Hopefully you enjoy making this pattern just as much as I did!

Jayne Cobb Hat Pattern


  • Red, orange, and yellow Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (this is just what I used, but it’s important it’s all the same brand/weight)
  • Size 10 or 11 circular needles (12″)
  • Size 10 or 11 double pointed needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pom pom maker (optional)


K1= Knit

P1= Purl

SSK= Slip, Slip, Knit. (Click here for a tutorial.)


On your circular needles, cast on 60 stitches with orange yarn. With double pointed needles, cast 20 stitches onto each needle.

Row 1-3: K1, P1 across (60)

Row 4-17: Knit across. After completing Row 17, the hat should be about 4 inches in length. The hat should appear to look like the Stockinette Stitch.

Switch to yellow.

Row 18-31: Knit across. The yellow section should also be about 4 inches in length.

Row 32: Decrease every stitch with SSK (30)

Continue decreasing until only 6 stitches remain.

Cut yarn, leaving enough to attach the pom pom. Weave the yarn through the remaining stitches to close the hole.

Ear Flaps (x2)

Begin the ear flap at the cast-on of the orange yarn. Using the red yarn, pick up 16 stitches.

Rows 1-16: Work in stockinette stitch, starting on the right side (knit).

Row 17+: Continue to work in stockinette, but decrease the first and last set of stitches on every row.

  • Knit side- SSK for decrease
  • Purl side- P2 Together for decrease

Decrease until there’s one stitch left. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop to fasten off. WEave in the ends for a clean finish.

Count 16 stitches away from where the first flap ends. This is where you’ll cast on for the second ear flap. Repeat instructions.

Pom Pom

Use a strand of red, orange, and yellow yarn, and wrap around your hand about 10 times.

Pull it off and tie them together with a piece of scrap yarn. Cut through the loops and fluff the yarn until you’re satisfied with its appearance.

Take the yarn from the top of the hat and tie it on the pom pom. Sew it onto the top of the hat, and weave in the ends.


That’s it! You’re done! Now go out there and be cunning, or make people tremble in fear at your presence. Did you like the pattern? If you make one, don’t forget to tag me on social media @GeekOutYarnCreations so I can see your work!


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